Mille et une nuitsMille et une nuitsMille et une nuitsMille et une nuitsMille et une nuits

Mille et une nuit

An Eastern cultural fresco from a different era but still very popular, the Tales of the Thousand and One Nights is the piece of Arabic literature most rooted in the Western world’s collective imagination.
Merely mention the name Scheherazade for many images to spring to mind linked with the Tales of the thousand and One Nights.
“And with dawn chasing night Scheherazade had to interrupt her story…”

Through these tales never completed at dawn, Scheherazade, a courageous young girl, used the power of words to save her life against King Shahriyar who had condemned her to certain death. Driven by his curiosity and eager to know the end of the stories, he eventually pardoned her after the thousand and one nights.

A nod to the mystery and magic of the East, the “Thousand and One Nights” jewelry line includes a flamboyant mural that never quite pierces the mystery.

The line is available in rings including engagement, pendants, bracelets and earrings in white gold. Set with gemstones and diamonds, these jewelry pieces are carved like lace, in tribute to feminine sophistication.

Dreams, legendary tales, travel in Wonderland…rich symbolism and lavish collection to awaken the princess sleeping in every woman!