The amazing and wonderful relationship between High Jewelry and Haute Couture ...

The Prestige collection perfectly illustrates this inseparable bond between the worlds of Haute Couture and High Jewelry.

Paris, its fashion and its trends, the fabulous glamor of Haute Couture, a world of chic runway shows, stunning colors revisited each season, high points and accessories that leave women around the world, thrilled, excited and full of dreams.

Subtle ornaments from Haute Couture, lace, embroidery, satin ribbons, trimmings, generous even exuberant, are endless sources of inspiration.

The "Ruban", "Etoile" and "Gardenia" lines composed of rings, pendants and earrings in white gold and diamonds are bold, exciting and eternally feminine.

Exclusive and custom-made, each creation, like a work of art, is unique.